Why Telemedicine?

Telemedicine gives the patient an option to be seen, diagnosed, and treated from the comforts of home. Apps such as Zoom, Facetime and Facebook Messanger can be used.

Does insurance pay for video visits?

If your insurance covers a doctor visit, then most insurance cover telemedicine visits

Does this include Medicare?

Medicare will cover telemedicine for everyone. If you have Medicare Advantage plan, there will be zero out-of-pocket cost. Read more here. (www.medicare.gov/coverage/telehealth)

How does this differ from in person office visits?

While there’s no replacement for in-office visits, cameras and computer deviceshave a high resolution, your podiatrist will be able to make clear and concise diagnosis and treatment plans from the symptoms described and observed.

What about if a prescription or procedure is needed?

Your podiatrist can write a prescription and electronically send to your preferred pharmacy. What about if you need a procedure done? You can still visit our office on a future schedule.